Established in 2018, Indian Cruise Lines Association (INCLA) is the India’s largest cruise industry trade association, providing a unified voice and leading authority of the national cruise community. INCLA supports policies and practices that foster a safe, secure, healthy and sustainable cruise ship environment and is dedicated to promoting the cruise travel experience.

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As the Indian cruise industry trade association, we leverage our relationships with Cruise Lines, Executive Partners and the travel community to provide you, our Travel Agency Members and Individual Agent Members, with the best benefits, tools and resources to navigate the cruise industry, attract more clients and increase your earnings.


Provides instant industry recognition with the INCLA Industry ID Number (agency) and the INCLA EMBARC ID (agent).


Establishes you as a cruise travel authority in the eyes of consumers.
Offers professional development opportunities through comprehensive training, certificates and certification.


Affords you access to Cruise Line and Executive Partner commission opportunities and training.


Rewards you with exclusive personal travel perks and discounts.

Cruise in India


Some of the recommendations are related to berthing space for the cruise liners, infrastructure at the ports, and tax concessions to cruise liners. According to the cruise industry outlook for 2018, 27.2 million tourists are expected to set sail, 1.4 million more than last year. Currently, port trusts in three cities — Mumbai, Chennai and Kochi — have been allotted funds to develop berthing facilities for cruise liners.


India has a huge coastline but suffers from a lack of facilities. Once the ports get facilities similar airports and other travel ports, the cruise tourism will surely take off. Once this segment gets moving, it is expected to see a growth of 50 per cent year-on-year.

India: A Cruising Source Market

The global cruise industry is growing rapidly. It grew from 10 million in the year 2000 to more than 25 million in 2017. And with 94 ships on order today, the number of cruise passengers is projected to reach 40 million by 2025. With India’s overall outbound travel growing at a robust pace year-on-year and being estimated to be a 50 million outbound travel market by 2020, cruise industry is keen to develop this largely untapped and hitherto a very small cruise source market.

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